Friday, November 16, 2007

Barry Bonds Indictment

Bary Bonds is probably not the sort of person I would like if I knew him. He might even be a big jerk, though probably not as big a one as the media makes him out to be. However, the whole case against him reeks of someone powerful with friends and influence deliberately singling him out for for their own personal reasons. Either they're ticked off because they personally do not like him, or else they want to make an example of him to help boost their position, or cover up just how bad a job they do in their position. It's a politically-based witch hunt. Who might be abusing their power this way? Bud Selig? He may or may not be the main protagonist in this, but he's certainly fully on-board with this sordid game. The case against Bonds will serve as a nice diversion for how asleep at the wheel MLB has been, or rather, how much they've be culpable in the whole steroid mess.

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